CO2 Related To A Football Field


The real news about CO2 and after some research I found the following about this gas.


If we use a football field as a reference to the amount of gasses in the atmosphere we have the following as a comparison: 


Nitrogen is 78% or 78 yards in a football field. Oxygen is 21% or 21 yards
Argon is 0.9 % or 32.4 inches.


When you add up all these we get 99.9% (99 yards and 32.4 inches) with all the remaining gasses in the 0.1% (3.6 inches).


CO2 is overall 0.04% or 1.44 inches and CO2 coming from generation is about 4.0% or about 0.0006 inches in the football field. Just for a reference the width of a dime is 0.05 inches

The thing to remember here is if there were too much CO2 in the atmosphere then that would decrease the amount of Oxygen and we need to have about 21% Oxygen to maintain human life. CO2 is absorbed by both land based plants and the seas.


If there were in actually more CO2 added into the atmosphere then all the plant life would actually grow faster and bigger. There are several things that are not reported in the different web sites one would visit while trying to research this topic, which are the natural forest fires especially in the west and North West US. This year we had about 500,000 plus acres that have burned up and three years ago we had the same amount in Montana. Another one that is not reported is the constant volcanoes that are erupting around the world and then there are the 7 Billon people on the earth all breathing at the same time.


Overall the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is minimal but it is an important part of the cycle of life on earth.

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Robin Sterrett