Colstrip, MT is a wonderful place to live and work. It's no wonder the citizens that live here are willing to fight so hard to make sure that it stays that way. This gallery is dedicated to showing the real Colstrip; the people, the landscape, and all the other things that make the people here love it so. 


If you have any photos that you would like to share in this gallery, send them to us for review! Let's show the outside world the Colstrip you won't see on the news!

29 Miles to Colstrip
Colstrip City Hall
Local Post Office
Path By The Lake
Colstrip Welcomes You
Water Slide at CPRD
Blue Skies Over Colstrip
Pine Butte Elementary School
Local Catholic Church
Local Medical Center
Frank Brattin Middle School
Pine Butte Elementary School
Local Coffee Shop
Evening At The Lake
Colstrip Police Station
Colstrip, MT
Rye Park
Colstrip High School
Colstrip Senior Citizens Center
Local First Interstate Bank
The Town That Coal Built
Local Subway
Local Coffee Kiosk
Castle Rock Lake
The Silent Trains
Colstrip Steam Electric Station
High School Parking Lot
View From Castle Rock Lake
Kayaking on Castle Rock Lake
Birds On The Lake
Kids Playing In Snow
Backyard Mule Deer
Beautiful Day In Colstrip
Fall Color In Colstrip
Winter Mule Deer
Day At The Lake
Colstrip Family
Yellow Sweet Clover
Rock Formation
Colstrip in February
Mule Deer
Sparring Bucks in the Back Yard!!
Reclaimed Land 1
Reclaimed Land 2
Reclaimed Land 3
Reclaimed Land 4
Reclaimed Land 5
Backyard Mule Deer
Reclaimed Land 6