From a Local College Student

Rachel Heser is an 18 year old college student that has lived in Colstrip her entire life. For one of her classes she chose to write a paper on the subject of climate change and the use of fossil fuels like coal for energy. Titled "The Complications of Climate Change," this paper explores facts and points of view that are not always presented by some anti-coal environmentalist groups.

When asked about what inspired her to choose this subject for her paper, Rachel says "I choose this subject because it was a contraversial topic that could hurt my home and our reliable electricity. I figured that to fight this, we need to not only point out the good qualities of coal, but our assumptions of fossil feuls being the cause of climate change and that climate change is a huge threat. Young people today need to question the assumptions that are being fed to them and find out the real facts. (Sometimes those facts can be very difficult to uncover.)"

Way to go Rachel! Thanks for sharing your paper with us! 👍

Anyone else ever tackle of subject of climate change or coal energy in their studies? If so, we would LOVE to see what you wrote! Share your papers with us via Facebook message or email! :)

Check out Rachel's paper right Here.

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