Colstrip Voices Support for Millennium Bulk Terminal Project.

On May 26th, a small group of people from Colstrip traveled to Spokane, WA to testify at a hearing on the Millennium Bulk Terminal project in Longview. Senator Duane Ankney, Terry Taylor, Lori Shaw, and Walter Shaw, all came to help represent those who support this project from both Colstrip and the state of Montana. Senator Jim Keane was also there to testify in support of the project.

There were a few Montana residents in attendance representing “Beyond Coal” that were there to oppose the project citing their fears of coal dust and saying that coal trains disturb their view and can cause delays as people travel to work.

But according to a Millennium Newsroom post, "Even people who are against coal should support this project. The clean coal mined in the Powder River Basin is better for the environment than coal currently being burned from different parts of the world. The clean coal has lower ash and mercury content than so-called dirty coal. A significant amount of the coal processed by MBT will replace coal currently being burned. The DEIS says about 97 percent of the coal shipped through the terminal will be clean coal “replacing” dirty coal. Let’s face it, coal is going to burned in the world for decades to come, why not have it be from the most environmentally friendly source?” (1)

When asked about his experience at the hearing, Duane Ankney said "Those who came to testify in support of this project were working men and women. Washington Farm Bureau, small business folks, people that contribute to society. The lawmakers from the Longview area.” He went on to say that the citizens of Colstrip should voice their support for this project “Because over the years our town, county, libraries and school districts have received millions in Coal board grants.

It means jobs in Montana and it’s the right thing to do.”

During his testimony Terry Taylor, owner of an Ace Hardware in Colstrip, stressed the importance that a terminal in Longview would have to people in Montana and Wyoming that are not even directly involved the the coal industry. Small business owners could thrive if their coal-based communities were allowed ship and sell their coal overseas.

Lori Shaw reiterated the same sentiments when she testified that “The Millennium project in Longview would have positive consequences that would reverberate far beyond the borders of Washington State."

The public comment period for this project ends on June 13th, so please make sure to voice your support today! Find more info Here.



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