Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell: Colstrip United invites you to come visit coal country.

Today, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell is attending a dinner and concert at Yellowstone National Park to celebrate the 100th anniversary. This is also the second time that she is visiting Montana this year.

In light of this visit, Colstrip United would like to extend a warm invitation to Secretary Jewell; While in the state, We ask that she consider meeting with some of the families that are supported by their jobs that hinge upon the production federal coal. Importantly, a large portion of the coal produced in Montana comes from federal lands under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management. The coal industry is such an important economic engine to Montana, generating approximately $89 million in tax revenue to the state in 2014 and providing over 1,200 safe and good-paying jobs for hard working Montanans. We understand that Secretary Jewell has not yet made a visit to a Powder River Basin surface mine, despite the fact this area contributes nearly 40% of the nation’s coal and is overwhelmingly under the management of the Department of Interior, making it subject to the moratorium and royalty rate increases that she supports. Secretary Jewell, Colstrip United feels strongly that coming to our town and visiting our operations such as the Westmoreland Rosebud mine would allow you to make your upcoming decisions more fairly through a broadened perspective. We hope that you will accept our invitation, and come visit the Powder River Basin coal country very soon. Warmly, Colstrip United

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