YOUR comments of support are needed for the Area F draft EIS! The subject of the EIS is to expand the area of Western Energy Company’s existing Rosebud Mine, which provides coal to the Colstrip Power Plant and the Rosebud Power Plant.

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The facts:

- The proposal will add 70-80 million tons of recoverable coal to the existing mine’s reserves.

-The EIS has analyzed all aspects of the environmental impacts of the project and has not determined any adverse effects within a reasonable proximity to the project. Both the water quality and the air quality analyses indicate that there will be no violations of the standards for air and water. The analyses indicate no endangered species impacts have been identified in or near the project area.

-The benefits of the proposal will be the continued employment of over 800 workers in the mine and power plants. Economic benefits over the life of the project include tax revenues to local, State and Federal governments, royalty payments to the federal government and private interests, local business support and the most reliable electric power supply within the region.

-A 2010 economic study conducted by a University of Montana Economist concluded the benefits of the mine and power plants to the state of Montana exceeds $500 million annually.

Anti-coal groups are organizing far away from coal country in an attempt to outnumber comments of support from the locals that that actually live and work in and around Colstrip. The comment period ends soon. Let your voice be heard today! 

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A sainfoin crop growing on reclaimed mine land at the Rosebud Mine. Summer 2017